Out for Undergrad Round 3 Apps

Out for Undergrad is one of the biggest queer professional networks. They organize conferences centered around marketing, engineering, finance, and technology. If you are queer and interested in any of those fields, apply!

Tips for O4U

  • Don’t be Generic. There are tons of people applying so don’t assure that just because it is LGBTQ+ focused that it won’t be competitive. Cultivate your story and show exactly how the conference will benefit you
  • Prepare Ahead of Time: Unfortunately, there are a lot of essays for the application. It will be tedious to get through them all but it is WORTH IT. Make sure you are putting the necessary time and energy into your app even if its annoying to get through
  • Be Considerate of the Word/Character Limits: Some of the questions are focused on the number of characters and not words. This is a common mistake on the applications. Make sure that you understand how long each essay is so you do not over or underwrite!

Out for Undergrad can be a life-changing experience. It’s an all-expenses paid conference filled with ambitious queer students. Apply here to join

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