Student Journalism Training Project

Is journalism your passion? Are you dedicated to the LGBTQ+ movement? Look into this cool opportunity from The Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists

NLGJA is hosting its annual student journalism training project, CONNECT. Each year, NLGJA chooses students from across the country to participate in its training project, which provides real-world experience to undergraduate and graduate students who are considering a career in journalism. To apply, students fill out an application, attaching the requested items. Visit the application form for specific requirements.

More about NLGJA

“NLGJA is a strong voice in the news industry, educating newsroom decision-makers about coverage of the LGBTQ community, promoting non-discrimination policies and the establishment of equal benefits, and creating educational opportunities to support the next generation of LGBTQ newsroom leaders. The dramatic positive shift in the quality and quantity of news coverage of the LGBTQ community is due to members working within their newsrooms to educate peers about fairness and accuracy.”

Application deadline is April 15th!

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