“I am so tired of being the minority”

This story is from a student who expresses their frustration of finance and the “boys club” atmosphere she faced. 

If you would like to share your story, contact us! We want to elevate everyone’s voices. 

My wife does the cooking, thats her job“, “I was a little scared that all the other interns were going to be Black” “Are you the one who uses the strap-on or does your girlfriend?”

You cannot tell me that homophobia, sexism, and racism in the workplace are made up. Like seriously, you can’t believe that nonsense. I am tired of everyone telling me that I am being sensitive or that I am making a big deal out of “little comments and jokes.” Throughout every job and company I have worked for, I have faced discrimination or heard discriminatory remarks in some sense. Whether it is my boss taking the male interns for drinks after work or chatting with them outside of a professional nature. Or maybe its hearing those racist “jokes”. Or maybe its being afraid of my co-interns finding my phone and seeing from my tinder that I’m gay, in which I’m too too frustrated to deal with their judgmental comments.

The corporate world is homogenous and dominated by straight, white, cis-men. Even when I go to diversity events, I feel alone. I am a queer woman of color. You don’t see that often in the workplace. Whenever I go to women’s events, they are largely white and painfully straight. When I go to LGBTQ+ events, a majority of the room are white men. I am so tired of being the minority even in minority groups. I’m not asking to be special or unique. I’m asking to just feel like I belong somewhere.

Intersectionality is important because people have different identities that shape who they are. People can identify with so many groups that it can make them feel isolated in institutions like school or work.

Finance is the breeding pool of homogenous ideas and backgrounds. You have to really crane your neck to find any diversity within intern pools or employee classes. I have to work twice as much harder to get recognized half as much as the other interns.

Don’t tell me that “diversity” isn’t important. Don’t tell me it isn’t necessary. Don’t tell me that it’s a small issue. You try being the minority against the majority. Maybe you’ll understand how I feel.

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