Top 5 LGBTQ YouTubers

YouTube is not only one of the coolest places to waste your time and be entertained constantly, but it’s also a place of the queers! What do I mean, you wonder?

YouTube is filled with many LGBTQ+ individuals and it’s been the source of many viral coming out videos. Here’s a list of some of the most fabulous LGBTQ+ YouTubers

1. Arielle Scarcella

One of the first Lesbian Youtubers that ever existed. Arielle started out as ArielleIsHamming and then progressed into other youtube channels such as GirlFriendsTV. Despite being a lesbian, she covers many issues in the LGBTQ+ community from trans issues to gay male struggles. However, she is known for her Lesbians Explain series and her hilarious comedic videos


2. Matthew Lush

Matthew Lush – another early gay Youtuber. With over a million views on both his Lush and GayGod channel, he’s gotten pretty big. Despite being known more recently for his very emotional videos and petty drama, Matthew has came strong after struggling hard with his LGBTQ+ identity earlier on. He hosts queer-friendly contests and shows such as his Boyfriend Contest to the more recent Fame or Lame contest.


3. GiGi Gorgeous 

Although GiGi isn’t as strong in the LGBTQ+ YouTube community like Matthew and Arielle, she has a large YouTube following with over a million subscribers. GiGi is a trans woman who started out her channel when she first identified as Gregory, a gay male. However, she transitioned as is now a YouTube beauty guru with amazing makeup tutorials and entertaining StoryTime videos


4. Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey, one of the hottest and fittest Gay YouTubers to ever exist. And he makes sure you can be the latter with his awesome fitness channel. Known for his provocative, gay male-centric content, Davey owns his sexuality is a proud icon for gay youth.


5. The Unsolicited Project/ Gay Women Channel

The Unsolicited Project, which is headed by two lesbians, Sarah, a hipster Canadian, and Adrianna, her hilariously sarcastic counterpart first started out as a channel that hosted viral queer videos such as the famous First Gay Hug (Homophobic Experiment) and the CollegeHumor Parody Gay Women will Marry Your Boyfriends. However, it also features Sarah and Adrianna’s “Pillow Talks”, viral web series, and the relatable queer sketches.




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