Wells Fargo Diversity Summit

Hello Business Queers! Looking for another professional opportunity that’s slightly queer-centric? Wells Fargo has got you covered.

Wells Fargo has not only one but two amazing opportunities applicable to queer students.


Their Sophomore Diversity Summit which is for current/rising sophomores that are looking to learn more about Wells Fargo and the world of Investment Banking. You will have professional seminars, hear amazing talks from employees, and learn more about the wonderful and slightly scary world that is Finance.

Not a Sophomore but still queer and interested in Business? No problem!

Check out their Financial Analyst Diversity Forum which is similar to their Sophomore Diversity Summit but for current/rising juniors.

Basically, both of these programs will most likely lead to an interview (I can say from experience). It’s amazing that Wells Fargo is so committed to diversity which you can also see through the about of minorities in leadership positions at the firm. Truly, if you;re looking for a firm that celebrates your queer-ness, Wells Fargo is a suitable option.

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