White House LGBTQ Innovation Summit

3rd Annual White House LGBTQ Innovation Summit

“The White House Office of Public Engagement & Office of Science and Technology Policy are looking for technologists, innovators and community leaders to participate in this year’s White House LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit on August 23rd, 2016

Purpose //

The Summit will bring together over 200 of the most innovative and talented LGBTQ technology leaders to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. We will spend the day learning about different issues and breaking out into teams to come up with ways to solve specific problems facing America and the world. Potential challenges include: gun violence prevention, gender equity, big data and privacy, voting rights, the environment, tech inclusion, prison reform and energy.

Who Should Apply //

We encourage you to apply and nominate leaders using the form below. We are looking for a mix of technologists, including engineers, data scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, product and marketing specialists. Please note that all nominees should be LGBTQ, team players and outside the box thinkers.

Background on the White House LGBTQ Tech & Innovation Summit //

Recode press from last year bit.ly/WhiteHouseLGBTQ
Facebook Photos bit.ly/WhiteHouseFacebookPhotos
Our hashtag bit.ly/TwitterWHLGBTQTECH

Apply or Nominate someone here

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