Queer Sorority Recruitment Struggles

Greek Life can be super heteronormative but there are a surprising amount of queers in fraternities and sororities. And to be honest, Greek life can be super gay.


Specifically, sorority recruitment is basically girl flirting to find people of the same-sex that you can vibe with and would want to hang out with for the next few years. However, it’s not always easy to be an LGBTQ+ female-identifying individual and to be in a sorority. Here are some of the more common struggles:

  1. Having to see PNMs (Potential New Members) that you’ve hooked up with during recruitment and awkwardly avoiding eye contact


  2. Or even worse, being forced to make polite and appropriate (Gotta avoid the 3Bs – Booze, Boys, and Bible) small talk with a PNM you’ve hooked up with while you both are really remembering that awkward gay party hookup last semester


  3. Talking to a PNM and not really knowing if she’s just being nice or if she’s flirting with you 


  4. Not knowing whether your being nice or flirting with a PNM


  5. Being unable to distinguish whether you think a PNM would be a good fit for the house or if your just being insanely attracted to her


  6. Your “rush crush” being your legit crush


  7. Seeing girls you’ve matched up to on Tinder or Her irl


  8. Having a girl drop your house and being semi-heartbroken cuz you were legit super into her (in a completely platonic and appropriate way of course)


  9. [If you’re in the closet] Having to fake being straight while being constantly surrounded by beautiful, awesome girls 24/7


  10. [If you’re out of the closet] Being constantly surrounded by beautiful, awesome girls 24/7, knowing that most of them are probably straight


So that’s a few queer greek life struggles. Hope you either enjoyed or even related to any of the items on the list.

However, even though it can be rough being queer and greek, greek life can be an amazing way to find a community of people that not only support you but love you unconditionally. For all the people rushing and/or planning to rush, good luck!

Also, wait for the frat version of this list coming up!


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