Lesbians Who Tech 2016 SF Scholarship

You don’t see a lot of women in technology, but queer women? Even more rare. Lesbians Who Tech is a conference for one of the biggest minorities in the world of Computer Science – queer females.

The nonprofit hosts annual summits, meet ups, and other fun events throughout the year. They have local communities in many cities. Check out their website to find yours!

The summit itself is an action-packed 3-day event with amazing speakers, interesting sessions, and a huge after party! Tickets do run a little steep to around a few hundred dollars per ticket.

However, they do offer scholarships to start-ups, students, and other boot-strappers. Check it out here

Out for Undergrad (check out our other blog post about them) also offers scholarships to the conference as well! Their link is over here

Also, if you’re a woman studying computer science or any other technical field, please apply for the National Center for Women in Technology scholarships and awards. Or just apply to be in the Facebook community because they feature amazing opportunities, are connected to some great companies, and you get involved in an amazing network of talented young woman I highly encourage you to apply! Everything is free and you can potentially earn some cash money


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