What is this project?

The LGBTQ+ Agenda is a project that aims to help LGBTQ+ identifying university students discover and learn more about their identities as well as find out about relevant programs, events, and other opportunities they should take advantage of.


I created the project because a lot of my queer friends had no idea about any of the resources or programs available to them and were always so surprised to see me going to so many LGBTQ+ conferences and events. Therefore, I wanted to create a resource for LGBTQ+ students that would allow them to know about all of the cool opportunities available to them.


If you want to get involved and be a blogger, just contact me! This project is aimed to be collaborative and to really help queer college students of today. If you have any questions, concerns, or just wanna reach out email to me at akila613@gmail.com.


Click the logo on the lefthand corner to access the main site.Hope you enjoy the site!


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