Out for Undergrad

The Program

What is Out for Undergrad? Out for Undergrad is a national program that hosts conferences for LGBTQ+ students interested in Business, Technology, Engineering, and Marketing. One of the best things about O4U is that it is all-expenses paid (for the most part).

Sidenote: It’s Engineering and Marketing conferences are super new and hopefully there will be more conferences to come!

The Purpose

The conferences are amazing for students seeking professional opportunities in these fields. From personal experience, Out for Undergrad Business was a great resource in finding internships as a young, confused college student. Whats even better about the program is that you get to meet a ton of other queer college students with the same professional interests! They also have a ton of workshops and sessions relating to being queer and in the workforce. O4U doesn’t try to force you to be out. It does help you discover more about being queer and in these fields and connects you to some amazing individuals that are already established in these fields.


Like many LGBTQ+ conferences, O4U can get pretty raunchy once the day is over. However, if that’s not your thing then fret not! There’s plenty  of other activities to do since the conferences tend to be located in big cities.

Unfortunately, most of the attendees are largely gay, white cis males which is pretty limiting diversity wise. However, they are trying to get a wider range of candidates to apply so don’t be afraid to apply! The program is pretty competitive as well but the network is tremendous.

Learn More
Interested in applying? Check out the Facebook page or general website to get updates on the application period. Definitely apply for the program – it’s really amazing.



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