Creating Change



Creating Change is one of the BIGGEST LGBTQ+ conferences in the nation. Hundreds if not thousands of people flock to a new city every year to go to this amazing event. The conference spans over a few days filled with amazing speakers, interesting sessions, and some of the most insightful people.


Literally it’s one of the biggest LGBTQ+ conferences so theres tons of queer people everywhere. You meet amazing people that you can keep in touch with even after the conference. The sessions are truly great and reflect topics such as race issues, alternative lifestyles, sexual discovery and other queer-relevant topics.


There is so much going on during this conference that it can be very overwhelming. People usually recommend going twice for this conference to really grasp the awesomeness of it all.

Unfortunately, the conference isn’t cheap. Registration is a few hundred dollars. However, there are discounts if your a student, veteran, or a senior citizen. Scholarships are also offered as well!


They usually have a day long workshop called the Racial Justice Institute on the first day that discusses issues in the queer people of color community. It’s an amazing workshop and great way to kick off the conference. Some sessions are great for learning more about identities whether its femme visibility to others that are dedicated toward learning more about sex and sexuality.

Want more info?

Check out their website:

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